NEWFreeOffice Presentations

FreeOffice TextMaker for Windows, Mac and Linux

The best free alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint

With FreeOffice Presentations, you can create presentations that impress: Thanks to breathtaking animations and slide transitions as well as the sophisticated master page concept, you are perfectly prepared for any presentation.

FreeOffice Presentations is the best free alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint and offers you a wide variety of design and drawing functions: Insert pictures, drawings and text frames into your presentations, apply attractive font effects via the TextArt feature or just let one of the numerous attractive design templates do the design work for you.

Of course, FreeOffice Presentations is not limited to static objects. It also lets you insert movies and sound effects into your presentations. That's not all: beautiful animations and slide transitions using OpenGL graphics acceleration make your presentations really striking!

FreeOffice Presentations opens and saves all Microsoft PowerPoint PPT and PPTX files. It also lets you create PDF files directly from within the application.


Files and printing

  • Presentations can be losslessly exchanged between any version of SoftMaker Presentations on any operating system.
  • Open and save PPT and PPTX files from Microsoft PowerPoint in an identical format to the original files, including password-protected files
  • Create PDF files directly in FreeOffice Presentations with your choice of slides, outlines, handouts and notes
  • PDFs with tags and bookmarks
  • Export entire presentations as pictures
  • Document preview directly in the file dialog


  • Numerous attractive design templates do the design work for you.
  • Each template comes with an array of matching color schemes
  • Design your own color schemes and switch between them at the touch of a button
  • Slide layouts for flexible slide design
  • Universal placeholders that can be filled with text, pictures, tables, videos or sounds
  • Sophisticated slide master concept
  • Numerous picture bullets included

Managing and outlining

  • Outliner (outline view)
  • Integrated slide sorter for managing and reordering the slides

Animations and slide transitions

  • Hundreds of different object and text animations available
  • Ready-made animation schemes for animating entire presentations at once
  • Numerous breathtaking animations and file transitions using OpenGL graphics acceleration

Pictures and drawings

  • Comprehensive drawing and picture functions: Draw and design directly in your document with PowerPoint-compatible AutoShapes
  • Insert pictures in a range of file formats
  • Change brightness, contrast and gamma of pictures directly in FreeOffice Presentations
  • Fill drawings with colors, patterns, pictures and gradients
  • Contour wrap
  • Connector lines between objects
  • Large symbol library for flowcharts and organizational charts
  • TextArt feature for font effects


  • Easily insert and manage movie and sound files with access to modern codecs (only in Windows and macOS)
  • Automatic or action-triggered playing (via a click or mouseover) of multimedia files (only in Windows and macOS)
  • Play sounds across multiple slides (only in Windows and macOS)

Flexible presentation

  • Both user-controlled and automatic presentations without a speaker (kiosk mode)
  • Interactively present slide shows with a virtual pen and highlighter
  • Notes as a memory aid for the speaker
  • Handouts for the audience


  • Fully Unicode-enabled, including Arabic
  • FreeOffice Presentations for Windows is an OLE server and can insert its slides into any other program.
  • You can zoom and scroll with your fingers on touchscreens.
  • Spell-check in 85 languages with Hunspell dictionaries.
  • Automatic hyphenation in 35 languages